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The Trey-nya War-Caste arrives in the Solar System and does not like what they find. With the return of the Ancients comes a whole new set of problems with.
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Earth Defense Fleet not only helps the Federation, but also the local governments and citizens of each system with tasks like trade, bounty hunting, search and rescue, and system defense. Knowing that you hold a contract with EDF means knowing you are safe.

The Russian annexation of the Crimea: questions relating to the use of force - QIL QDI

Consist of a decentralized group of ex-military pilots operating in close proximity to Sol with a number of small bases and offices throughout the system. This can be anything from the threat of supernova, medical emergencies, and similar incidents. Recruiting opened up for Elite pilots everywhere to join the Earth Defense Fleet.

Many conspiracy theorists speculated that the Federation itself funded the corporate startup, but no evidence was ever found to substantiate those claims. Seen as just a public stunt by experts, the EDF presence in Sol did not diminish by the change.

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Federation leader now seems to be set by "economic power" instead of rotating leadership. Basically, the game wants to force you to keep building trade megacomplexes all over everything to become and stay federation leader now. Part of the point of endgame crisis is in the fact that realistically, empires would be opportunistic in taking advantage of that to strengthen their own position at the expense of others, or ignoring events on the other side of the galaxy, or generally being petty, stupid and selfish as all so-called "great powers" are.

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Never truly was a benevolent one of them, nor will there be. Originally posted by Andreas :. Sammy View Profile View Posts.

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Ukraine crisis: why Russia sees Crimea as its naval stronghold

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