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It is axiomatic in modern biochemistry that the chemical laws that apply to inanimate materials are equally valid within the living cell.

Biochemistry of Carbohydrates

At the same time that progress was being impeded by a misplaced kind of reverence for living phenomena, the practical needs of man operated to spur the progress of the new science. As organic and physical chemistry erected an imposing body of theory in the 19th century, the needs of the physician, the pharmacist, and the agriculturalist provided an ever-present stimulus for the application of the new discoveries of chemistry to various urgent practical problems.

Two outstanding figures of the 19th century, Justus von Liebig and Louis Pasteur , were particularly responsible for dramatizing the successful application of chemistry to the study of biology. Liebig studied chemistry in Paris and carried back to Germany the inspiration gained by contact with the former students and colleagues of Lavoisier. He established at Giessen a great teaching and research laboratory, one of the first of its kind, which drew students from all over Europe.

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Besides putting the study of organic chemistry on a firm basis, Liebig engaged in extensive literary activity, attracting the attention of all scientists to organic chemistry and popularizing it for the layman as well. His classic works, published in the s, had a profound influence on contemporary thought. Liebig described the great chemical cycles in nature. He pointed out that animals would disappear from the face of the Earth if it were not for the photosynthesizing plants, since animals require for their nutrition the complex organic compounds that can be synthesized only by plants.

The animal excretions and the animal body after death are also converted by a process of decay to simple products that can be re-utilized only by plants. In contrast with animals, green plants require for their growth only carbon dioxide , water , mineral salts, and sunlight. The minerals must be obtained from the soil , and the fertility of the soil depends on its ability to furnish the plants with these essential nutrients.

But the soil is depleted of these materials by the removal of successive crops; hence the need for fertilizers. Liebig pointed out that chemical analysis of plants could serve as a guide to the substances that should be present in fertilizers.

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Agricultural chemistry as an applied science was thus born. In his analysis of fermentation, putrefaction, and infectious disease , Liebig was less fortunate. He admitted the similarity of these phenomena but refused to admit that living organisms might function as the causative agents. It remained for Pasteur to clarify that matter. He also demonstrated the usefulness of chemical methods in studying these tiny organisms and was the founder of what came to be called bacteriology. Buchner clearly showed that fermentation could occur in a press juice of yeast , devoid of living cells. Thus a life process of cells was reduced by analysis to a nonliving system of enzymes.

The chemical nature of enzymes remained obscure until , when the first pure crystalline enzyme urease was isolated. This enzyme and many others subsequently isolated proved to be proteins , which had already been recognized as high-molecular-weight chains of subunits called amino acids.

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The mystery of how minute amounts of dietary substances known as the vitamins prevent diseases such as beriberi, scurvy, and pellagra became clear in , when riboflavin vitamin B 2 was found to be an integral part of an enzyme. Subsequent work has substantiated the concept that many vitamins are essential in the chemical reactions of the cell by virtue of their role in enzymes. The molecular events cause discernible clinical effects. Skip to content Skip to main navigation.

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HMX Fundamentals Biochemistry Learn why human health is dependent on chemistry, and what that means for clinical care. Course introduction Meet the faculty. How Energy is Transformed. Bypass reactions and catabolic pathways Gluconeogenesis Metabolic networks Diet and energy. Cellular metabolic specialization The liver and muscle in carbohydrate metabolism The role of adipose tissue in lipid metabolism Diabetes. Compartmentalization of Biochemical Pathways. Edition by Donald Voet, Judith G.

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Voet, and Charlotte W. It is designed to. Voet, Charlotte W. GMS Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology The course also introduces students to critical evaluation of primary research literature and. Pratt, Judith G.

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Fundamentals of Biochemistry continues to focus on basic principles These embedded videos, created by Charlotte Pratt, walk students while taking advantage. Fundamentals of Biochemistry NSC of cells and the biochemical properties of the major classes of biological compounds Student contribution band.

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