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Give Me 40 Days for Healing and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.​ Give Me 40 Days For Healing Paperback – September 12, ​ Freeda Bowers, author of the original Give Me 40 Days, is a woman who has learned the value of dedicating her life to prayer.
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Jonathan Hammond is one of my most beloved Spiritual teachers. This story was completely inspired by him and melts my heart. Click here to learn more Shamanism and how to use it in your Spiritual practices. Sometimes, the way to help people isn't through words, it's through your heart. Here's one way to do that. Life can actually be quite simple. Even when we're not feeling it.

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All we have to do is get in the natural flow of the Tao. That's it.

40 Days Of Healing

Be courageous!!! Practice healing at work please. And inspire others to do the same. It will be a much more fun, productive and healthy environment for everyone. I promise!!! This one hit home for me.

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I know this mans journey all too well. The goal of the campaign is to spread healing and love into the world 1 day at a time and also to pick up a few birthday bucks to help pay for school in the process. Day 40 - My 40's, Day 1 And I'm So far, this decade is off to a great start, largely in thanks to YOU!!!

Day 34 - Ida In Wonderland Life is short y'all. Day 33 - Where Are My Beloveds? Day 32 - Twelve Steps Forward Healing is a domino effect. Day 31 - The Cost of Healing It's important to find balance between giving and receiving.

Day 30 - Ummmm??? Just be where you're at. That's ok!!! Day 29 - Sunflower Power You have the power to change the world already within you, all you have to do is believe in yourself enough to make it happen!!! Day 28 - I Can Sometimes the waters become muddy and unclear. Day 26 - Tammy's Stone Tammy is constantly reminding me of one simple thing Day 25 - Marching for Love Another Perspective I enjoy living in a naive bubble of love, believing that I can heal the world through love.

Day 22 - Sabbath I've been running around putting loads of energy into this campaign and completely lost sight of self care. Day 20 - Half way to 40!!! Day 19 - I'm Listening So often I think healing has to do with words, somehow I need to explain or convince someone to see a different perspective.

Day 18 - I Surrender Holy crap Day 17 - I Can't Sometimes making the best decision for you is actually the best decision for everyone else!!! Day 15 - Silence Speaks Volumes What does your silence say to the world? Day 14 - Pain What do we do when we get triggered?


Day 12 - OMG I Worked a Funeral Who Knew? Day 11 - Oops, I forgot to mention All we have to do is open our eyes wide enough to see it! Day 8 - They Can't Hear You Sometimes, the way to help people isn't through words, it's through your heart.

Day 7 - In the Tao Life can actually be quite simple. Day 6 - Healing on the Job Be courageous!!! Day 4 - Flower Power This one hit home for me. To remember the hobbies or past times that bring joy and create contentment. There are some different themes to this current Venus retrograde in Aries, based on the contributing influences of the other planets. Perhaps these themes will prove part of your inspiration for a personal 40 day period of reflection and transformation?

How are you feeling with Venus retrograde?

Have you had a the chance to slow down, reflect or heal? If you want more detail and depth on the current Venus retrograde in Aries cycle, you might like my recent webinar. I moved into a new home Nov and in the last weeks began using my bath AND just prior to reading this post, finished re-watchng another episode of Downton Abbey! Wow talk about synchronicity! Oh Gail I so loved your comment!

That synchronicity is so special. Wishing you healing and support as you move forward too xo. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

My Healing Devotional: 40 Days To Pray For Wholeness

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In , Venus is retrograde from March 3 — April Keep these dates in mind: March 10 — April 3. Venus is retrograde in Aries, ruled by Mars in Taurus. Accept the invitation to go slow. To say yes in heart-warming ways and to say no or set limits on frantic invitations that will only stretch your schedule too thin. Focus on nourishing the soul through caring for the body, with hands on healing therapies and the most nutritious food possible. March 27 — The Moon joins Venus in Aries, with both in the underworld.

In the hours before the Aries New Moon, the two feminine planets come together under the shadow of darkness.