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Lots of personality and charm. Just a little rough around a few of its edges. I would guess the majority of the people visiting there would take it at face value. Cute little mountainside retreat with colorful residents. It could simply have been a few of the people that we met that made us question whether all was as it seemed. Like a tropical David Lynch movie. Good thing is that you can find a whole different vibe in neighboring Mal Pais, St. Teresa or move northward towards Carrillo.

You know, we have a similar take on Montezuma as well. We liked so many things about our time there but there was a strange energy. Thanks for the confirmation! You seek the hustle and bustle of a thriving nightlife on the Nicoya peninsula. Its like going to an island without electricity expecting hi-speed internet.

The weird atmosphere you seem to notice is from the bohemian reputation of Montezuma I suppose. A town that is largely publicized as hippie influenced, will contain people that flout a lot of big city laws and do things there own way. They march to a different tune and guess what, they smoke pot! The discordant vibe you describe may be that you have your family close to a situation they are not used to. Hey Brad, I suppose when I think of a hippie commune I imagine a place of free love, tons of pot and good vibes.

The truth is often different and looking back I suspect it was probably a sense of paranoia on their part that left a bad feeling in my mouth. Re-reading my post, it seems I do say a ton of positive things about it. Based on the music blaring and the people laughing it sounded like they were enjoying themselves.

Thanks for the comment Brad. Good luck on your travels and I look forward to any other comments you might post. My spouse and I have recently returned to Montezuma, CR. We were here last year for three months and fell in love with the area.

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We love the people, we love the food, the creatures, the jungle, the Pacific ocean and on and on. Would we consider this to be an Artisan Paradise or a failed Hippie Rejuvenation project — no neither. Yes, there are plenty of artisans here, sure. An Artisan Paradise, well there are certainly a good number of artisans here however, in the height of high season if you see twenty-five on the two main streets of Montezuma that would be a great number.

Do they want to make sales — of course. Is there a sense of desperation here, yes for some I believe that to be true and those are the ones you must distance yourself from quickly.

Have we been affected directly by it, yes we have. There will be those here that are very happy to latch onto someone to become their sugar daddy or mommy. So what do you do, recognize it and take steps to end that relationship. Then again there are those that live very simply and happily. There is also a great sense of community here. People do what they can to assist one another.

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That I find much to my liking. As far as a failed Hippie Rejuvenation project, again I hesitate to respond in the affirmative. I would say that Montezuma is much more Bohemian in nature.

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There is a looseness, a non-conformist, escapist, self-reliance that permeates the land here. There is also a mystical, spiritual presence here that at times can be palpable. I have just finished my first month of this stay and four months totally. Each day brings a new adventure whether I am at my casa or somewhere else. This is a totally different lifestyle for us and we embrace it daily.

Is it for everyone, not a chance. As I listen to the parrots behind me, watch the chickens scurrying around the yard, feel the cool breezes whispering by and see the many mango trees within view I say to myself, Yes I can do this.

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Thanks for the comment Dean. I can remember when I wrote this piece that I was hesitant to make the place sound overly negative. Hotels in Montezuma , restaurants and beaches are all within short walking distance and there are many budget accommodations available, along with vacation rentals and nature, yoga and health oriented hotels. Travelers can experience any number of exotic attractions: tours down jungle canals in dugout canoes, scenic hiking trails, guided safaris. Tortuguero national park is both secluded and well-visited. Thousands from all over come to the shores of the park, located along the Caribbean on the northeastern side of the country, to see the protected nesting sites of the green sea turtles and hawksbill turtle, who lay their eggs in the black sand beaches here every summer.

Leatherbacks, loggerheads and other types of turtles are scarce in comparison, but also call the shores home. Located in one the rainiest parts of the world, Tortuguero national park also contains the land surrounding the beaches, 75 square miles of dense forestation, canals, lagoons and other assorted waterways.

Here you can find hundreds of endangered or threatened species, though they are often hard to spot in the mysterious and impermeable forests. Many of the animals found here are still being threatened, however — by fruit plantations, logging companies and by hordes of cattle who use the grounds near the park gates for grazing. While Playa Tamarindo offers world-class shopping, dining, and coastal amusements, budget travelers might find themselves priced out when I traveled there in college, I grocery shopped and cooked in a communal kitchen.

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Tamarindo is in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, an area that includes much of the northwestern part of this country. A number of different beach fronts are situated along the area north and south of Tamarindo Beach, and immediately to the south is yet another national park. Dolphins, manta rays, and the nearby coral reef make this a great spot for snorkeling, as well as some of the best spots to enjoy Costa Rica scuba diving. This side of Costa Rica has different weather conditions from the Atlantic side. Hurricanes in the east mean more rain no this side of the country, but the weather is generally clears and highs usually range from 80 to degrees in the dry season.

This perfect weather creates an ideal setting for other water activities; and so deep-sea fishing is another popular thing to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica is lined with shops that cater to all of these activities that take place here.

Surf camps, eco-tour operators, sailing companies, diving schools, and jungle safaris are all things to do in this area, which you can find out more about simply by taking a stroll down Tamarindo Beach. Since its founding in , Corcovado has been attracting research biologists and nature lovers from around the globe. Thanks to its isolation and vast size square miles , it boasts a level of biodiversity virtually unparalleled elsewhere on earth and provides dependable habitat for dozens of endangered species, including jaguars, ocelots and other large cats.

The fauna of Corcovado is so varied and rich as its flora, is known the existence of species of mammals, bird, reptile and 40 freshwater fish, and it is estimated that there are about 6, species of insects.

The park protects the largest population of red macaws Ara macao in the country. Some of the endangered species that are here are the tapir Tapirus bairdii , the giant anteater Myrmecophaga tridactyla and five of the six species of wild cats that are found in Costa Rica: the puma Puma concolor , the manigordo leopards pardalis , the lion Brenner Herpailurus yaguarondi , the Caucel wiedii leopards and jaguar Panthera onca.