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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Écrivain et journaliste, Marie Lincourt a publié onze livres.
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Civility is a desire to receive civility, and to be thought polite.

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The education that we provide for young people usually only inspires in them a second self-love. There is no passion in which self-love reigns so strongly as in love; and we are always more inclined to sacrifice the peace of the one we love than to lose our own. What we call generosity is usually no more than the vanity of giving, an emotion that we love more than that which we give away.

Pity is often a sense of our own misfortunes in the misfortunes of others. It is a shrewd precaution against the misforftunes that we might fall into. We assist others so that they will assist us in similar occasions, and the services we render are, properly speaking, benefits from them that we secure in advance. Pettiness of mind begets obstinacy; and in that frame of mind, we do not easily believe what we cannot see.

C'est se tromper que de croire qu'il n'y ait que les violentes passions, comme l'ambition et l'amour, qui puissent triompher des autres. We deceive ourselves if we believe that only the strong passions, such as ambition and love, can triumph over others.

À quoi ressemble le monde du point de vue de la chaîne du Kremlin?

Laziness, as languid as she is, often becomes the mistress; she usurps all our plans an d all our acts in life, and she gradually consumes and destroys both passions and virtues. On veut trouver des coupables; et on ne veut pas se donner la peine d'examiner les crimes. The readiness to believe the worst without sufficient examination is an effect of pride and laziness.

We want to find the guilty parties, and we do not want to take the trouble to examine the crimes. Nothing is should be so humiliating to men who deserve great praise than the care they must take in little things to preserve their worthiness. There are people in this world of whom we approve, whose only merit is the vices they use to get along in life.

Novelty is to love is as the flower is to its fruits: it shows a luster which is easily lost and never returns. Natural goodness, which boasts of being so responsive, is often smothered by the least self-interest. Absence diminishes the lesser passions and increases the great ones, just as the wind extinguishes candles but fans a great fire. Women often believe they are in love when in reality they are not. The business of an intrigue, the emotions inspired by galantry, the natural inclination for the pleasure of being loved, and the difficulty of refusal -- all these persuade women that they feel real passion, when in fact it is nothing but coquetry.

The business of an intrigue, the emotions inspired by gallantry, the natural inclination for the pleasure of being loved, and the difficulty of refusal -- all these persuade women that they feel real passion, when in fact it is nothing but coquetry. When we exaggerate the affection that our friends have for us, it is often less out of gratitude than for a desire to have our own merit appreciated. The approbation we give to newcomers in society often arises from a secret envy of those already established.

There are deceits that so accurately resemble truth that we would be bad judges if we were not deceived. Sometimes it is no less clever to profit from good advice as it is to dispense good advice. Some evil people would be less dangerous if they had no good at all in them. Magnanimity is fairly well defined by its name; nevertheless, we could say that in a real sense it is pride, the most noble path to the reception of praise. It is impossibly to love for a second time whom we have really ceased to love.

It is not so much the fertility of imagination that lets us find many ways to conduct the same affair, but rather the lack of clarity that makes us stop before every expedient and stops us from discovering on first encounter which is the best. At some times, remedies for our affairs or our illnesses turn sour, and it is a great shrewdness to know when it is dangerous to employ them.

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One may say that the temperament of men, like most buildings, has diverse faces, some agreeable, others disagreeable. Moderation is incapable of fighting and subduing ambition. Moderation is a fatigue and laziness of the soul, while ambition is activity and ardor. We always like those who admire us, and we do not always like what we admire. It is difficult for us to like those who do not respect us; but it is no less difficult to like those whom we respect much more than ourselves.

The chemical balance of our bodies have a settled regimen which imperceptibly alters our will. These elements all move together, and successively exercise a secret dominance over us and take a major part in determining our actions without out our knowing it. The gratitude of most people is only a hidden desire to receive greater favors. Almost everybody takes pleasure in returning small favors.

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Many people receive much gratitude for modest favors; but almost everyone is ungrateful for large ones. Only in little matters do we usually not take the trouble of believing in appearances. Whatever good thing people have to say about us, we learn nothing new. We often pardon those people who bore us, but we cannot pardon those who find us boring. Self-interest, of which people accuse us of all our misdeeds, often should be praised as the source of our good deeds.

We find few ungrateful people when we are in a position to grant favors. It is just as good to celebrate ourselves while alone as it is foolish to do so in the company of others. We make a virtue of moderation in order to set limits on the ambition of great men, and to console ordinary people for their insignificant status and merit. Some people are fated to be fools, who do not commit foolish acts by choice, but because fortune forces them. Sometimes things happen in life that require a bit of craziness to escape.

If some people have never seen folly, it is because they have not looked carefully enough.

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What enables lovers not to be bored with each other is that they talk constantly of themselves. Why is it that we have enough memory to recall the most trivial occurrences that have happened to us, but not enough memory to remind us how often we have told them to the same person?

The extreme pleasure we take in talking about ourselves should make us afraid that we are not giving the same pleasure to those who listen to us. That which usually keeps us from revealing the depths of our heart to our friends is not the distrust we have in them, but the lack of trust of ourselves.

It is no great misfortune to receive ingratitude for favors we bestow, but it is unbearable to be indebted to a scoundrel. We cannot for long maintain the feelings we ought to have for our friends and benefactors if we allow ourselves the freedom of talking frequently about their faults. To praise princes for virtues they do no possess is to insult them with impudence. We are closer to loving those who hate us than those who love us more than we wish. The only despicable people are those who are afraid of being despised.

Our wisdom is just as much at the mercy of Fortune as our property. We often console ourselves by the weakness of those evils for which reaon itself was unable to console us.

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We admit to lesser faults in order persuade people that we have no greater ones. Sometimes we believe that we hate flattery, but in reality we only hate the way it is done. It is more difficult to be faithful to our lover when we are happy than when we are mistreated. Women can overcome their flirting less easily than they can overcome their passions. There are some good qualities that are live bodily senses, and those who are entirely without them can neither perceive nor understand them.

When our hatred is too intense we place ourselves beneath those whom we hate. Women use their minds more to strengthen their folly than their reason. The passions of youth are no less opposed to well-being as to the tepidity of age. The accents of the place where we are born stays in our heart and mind like the accents of its language.

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In order to achieve greatness, we must know how to profit from every kind of circumstance. Most people, like plants, have hidden qualities that only chance brings to light. Circumstances enable us to know others, and even more to know ourselves. If her temperament is not in equilibrium, a woman can control neither her mind nor heart.

We find few people possessed of good sense unless they agree with our own opinions. What we hate so much about those who try to outwit us is that they think themselves shrewder than we are.